Air Duct Cleaning Costs

Potomac Services strive to provide upfront, fair price estimates based on the information that our customers give us.  We,  like you, want to  know what the service is going to cost before we get there.  We like to come to clean, no sell.

To give your your fixed price quote, we’ll need to know…

1)  How many air systems do you have?  (You can often tell by thermostats or if you have a furnace and heat pumps)

2)  Do you want to add any of our optional services at a discount while we are there? (Like Chimney Sweep or Dryer Vent Cleaning and Inspection Service)

Before you think about price, you need to think about quality.  Not all air duct cleaning services are alike.  You need to do a little research around your home and then get “apples to apples” quotes from a couple service providers.

Key questions to ask every service provider:

1)      Are you certified and follow the standards of the National Air Duct Cleaning Association?

2)      Do you use a truck mounted vacuum system (14K CFM) vs. a smaller vacuum in a van or pickup?

3)      What does your service include?

4)      How does your pricing work? Is the price you quote me on the phone an estimate or the actual price?

5)      Are there any other services or extra costs that I may be charged at the time of the visit?

Call Potomac Services at 703-444-5155 or 301-830-5996 for a free quote and to schedule your set appointment time.